85291P- Miniature Monochromatic C-mount CCD Camera - PAL
85291P- Miniature Monochromatic C-mount CCD Camera - PAL

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85291P C-mount CCD Camera is typically used with the 85643 Relay to provide PAL video output from Image Convertor Tube based Find-R-Scopes. It can also be used a stand-alone camera.

Price: $995.00


FIND-R-SCOPE 85291P - Monochromatic C-mount Camera. This camera can be used alone or as part of the Infrared Video System, however its typical application at FJW is with a FIND-R-SCOPE.

The 85643 Relay Assembly will adapt this CCD Camera to a Find-R-Scope eyepiece. When used together, this CCD provides monochromatic video output from the following Image Convertor Tube based Find-R-Scopes: Models 84499, 84499-5, 84499A, 84499A-5, 85100A, 85100A-5, 85268A, 85268A-5, 85300, 85300-5, 85100A, 85100A-5, 84530A, and 84530A-5.

Note: The camera requires Power Supply part # 85290P for operation.

When used as a stand-alone camera, the camera may be mounted via its std. 1/4-20 tripod mount, and the PAL output is available via the RCA output connector. The camera also includes an RCA to BNC adaptor. When used with the relay, no additional lens is required, however if used alone, a lens is required. The camera accepts standard C-mount lenses.

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