Spectral Sensitivity : 400-2200 nm (0.4 - 2.2 microns)
Output Signal : NTSC or PAL Video, 1Vp-p composite
Detector: 25mm High Performance Infrared Vidicon
Output Connector : BNC
Standard Lens: “C” Mount 25 mm, ƒ/1.4 with manual iris
Gain: Selectable, Auto Gain and 4 fixed values
Standard Focal Range : 101 mm, (4") to infinity
Regions Displayed: Visible, Near-IR, Short Wave-IR
Peak Sensitivity : 600nm
Horizontal Resolution: Up to 700 TV Lines
Scanning (NTSC): 525 Lines/60 Fields/30 Frames
Scanning (PAL): 625 Lines/50 Fields/25 Frames
Power: 100-240 Vac, 50/60Hz. 36 volts to camera
Signal to Noise Ratio: 68db
Image Lag: 45-60% after 3 TV fields (50ms)
External Connection: RS-170 Video Output via BNC Connector
Dimensions (w/o lens): 110.3 x 111.2 x 216.4 mm

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FIND-R-SCOPE Model 85706 Camera Operates in the Visible to Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectrum (400–2200 nm). Features Standard Monochromatic (B&W) Video Output. Camera includes Power Supply, 25 mm ƒ:1.4 Lens and Carrying Case. (Camera above is shown with optional lens.)

  • External On-Off Switch
  • No External Processor Reqd.
  • Auto/Manual Gain Control
  • High-Resolution
  • Antivignetting
  • Gamma Correction
  • Soft Peak White Clipping
  • All Crystal Timing
  • Accepts C-mount Lenses
  • Auto Beam Current Reg.
  • Illuminated On-Off Indicator
  • Includes Ext. Power Supply
  • H & V Sweep FailProtection
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Price: $17,495.00


The FIND-R-SCOPE 85706 is a Visible to Short-Wavelength Infrared Camera operating in the 400-2200nm region of the electromagnetic spectrum. These cameras utilize proven infrared viewing technology. The high resolution infrared vidicon tube CCTV camera generates a clear view of objects, sources & images which cannot otherwise be seen with the naked eye.

The camera can be easily mounted on a standard tripod. No external processing box is required. The video image can be viewed on any monitor that accepts a video input. The camera video output can be fed directly to a video recorder, or to a computer via a standard image acquisition card (frame grabber card).

This model carries the CE mark.


Alignment of Beams from Invisible Sources Use camera to align beams from invisible sources such as lasers and LEDs emitting in the invisible Near-IR region.

Light Intensity in the Near-Infrared Region View light intensity of infrared light sources such as infrared LEDs, and transmission characteristics of optical fibers.

Surveillance and Covert Observation Use with IR light source for surveillance in low light and darkrooms conditions.

Microscopy Camera can be mounted to a microscope for applications such as detecting internal IC defects and biomedical observations.

External Processing After capturing video via a video capture device, third party software can be utilized for further image processing.

Biological Detect unseen bruising in fruits. See indications of plant diseases invisible to the naked eye. Detect the presence of small insects not apparent due to small size and protective coloration.

Document Examination and Forgery Detection Infrared viewers can help with deciphering of erased markings, detection of alterations or overwriting, restoration on certain inks removed by abrasion or bleaching and other forgery methods.

Electronic Industry Applications Detect stress patterns in silicon crystals and various semiconductor wafer materials. Study of gaseous lasers.

Industrial Applications Detect flaws not visible to the naked eye. Infrared penetrates many dyes and pigments used in textiles and various paints and coatings.

Fine Art Analysis and Authentication Using Infrared Refrectography can allow viewers to look beneath the surface of a painting or look through years of soot and dust accumulation and to see beneath layers of darkened varnish or over glazing. This often allows the conservator to view under drawings and modifications that are invisible to the naked eye.

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