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Welcome to FJW Optical Systems!

The world leading manufacturer of Infrared Viewers.


Let’s get visible!

Use FIND-R-SCOPE® Infrared viewers to See Invisible
Infrared & UV light!


FJW Product Summary:

  • Infrared Viewers from 350 -1550 nm
  • UV Viewers from 180 -1550 nm
  • Infrared Cameras from 400-1800 nm
  • Infrared Cameras from 400-2200 nm
  • Thermal Viewers from 7-14 microns
  • IR and UV Viewers for Microscopy
  • IR Filter Wheel Inspection Systems
  • Helmet Mounted Infrared Viewers
  • Helmet Mounted UV Viewers

Expand your Viewer's Capabilities with Accessories!

  • Optional Lenses
  • Video Camera Coupler
  • Close-Up Attachments
  • Adjustable Iris
  • Standard and Custom filters
  • A variety of Mounting Options

Use the FJW site to obtain product information, technical support, find a distributor, or contact FJW.

Notice Regarding Orders Placed on This Site:

While it is our practice to ship our products from stock, some tems may currently be out of stock. Please note that orders placed directly through this site are automatically and immediately charged against your credit card whether they items are in stock or not.

If you would like to confirm the delivery status of your items prior to placing an order on this site, please contact us via phone, fax, or e-mail. You can also choose to purchase products from us by traditional methods as listed under the "How to Buy" link at the bottom left of this page. In this way your credit card would only be charged at the time of shipment.

Thank you for your understanding,


Purchase products directly from this site for shipment within the USA only. For orders shipping outside the USA, please order through your local FJW Distributor. If you are outside the USA use the "Find A Distributor" tab above to see if you have an FJW distributor for your country. If you do not have a distributor for your area, order directly from FJW Optical Systems.
(See "How to Buy" below for more info.)

We are always glad to provide assistance. For technical questions try our Technical Support area. We also offer a FAQ page for information about our products
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