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80389 Close-up Lens
80389 Close-up Lens

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FIND-R-SCOPE 80389 Close-up Lens attachment.

Price: $95.00


The FIND-R-SCOPE 80389 is a Close-up Lens attachment. This optional close-up lens allows for viewing in the range of 50.8 mm to 152.4 mm (2" to 6") from the target. At the 50.8 mm distance it provides ≈ 2x magnification. It can be used for applications such as aligning and verifying fiber optic sources, etc.

This lens screws into the objective lenses of FIND-R-SCOPES that use the standard Infragon lens, such as models 84499, 84499-5, 84499A and 84499A-5.

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