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85218 - Infrared Illumination System
85218 - Infrared Illumination System

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85218 - Infrared LED Illumination System with Swivel Mount and Power Supply.

Price: $185.00


85218 This Illumination System includes the Illuminator Fixture, Illuminator Power Supply, and Swivel Base Illuminator Mount. The illuminator includes an aluminum fixture with 56 LEDs and protective window . The light fixture is installed using the swivelbase mount, and the universal 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz power supply. The base includes holes and screws to facilitate mounting to a hard surface.

The LEDs emit at 950nm (invisible IR), over an 8 degree field of coverage. The system includes a CdS light sensor that automatically switches the LEDs on-and-off based on lighting conditions. The system turns the LEDs on below approximately 10 lux, and off at 10 lux or greater. If you want to overide this feature, simply cover the sensor with an opaque material such as electrical tape. Blocking the sensor's view of light will keep the LEDs switched on constantly.

The included Power Supply has a 67-inch power supply-to-inline connector cable.The fixture includes a 34-inch LED fixture-to-inline power connector cable. This provides for a total cable length of 101-inches from the AC outlet to LED fixture.


When used with our Find-R-Scope Infrared Viewers, this system can be used to enhance nocturnal animal studies, for dark or low-light security, or for similar applications. The system can also be used as a replacement for the illuminator in our IR Video System.

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