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To ask our technical support staff a question, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to assist you. If you have an existing unit, please include the model number and serial number of the unit you have. If not, please provide the model number that you are interested in. If you are interested in viewing a specific wavelength, please provide that information and as many tech specifics as appropriate. We’ll get back to you ASAP!

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Technical Notes

All forms are in the Adobe Acrobat “.pdf” format. Click on link to either open and print or download and save.

  Title   Description   File Name
Improve Performance Using Accessories & Packages Discusses options such as variable iris, filters, relay coupler, close-up attachments and packages. Technical Note 100.pdf
Typical Uses of the FIND-R-SCOPE®
Lists typical uses such as detection of substances not visible to the naked eye or differentiation of materials which are visually similar. Includes biological, medical, botanical, photographic, industrial and other applications.

Technical Note 101.pdf

Applications for IR Light, Lasers and LEDs

Discusses some of the uses for IR Light and IR Lasers and LEDs. These are subsequently applications for FIND-R-SCOPE® viewers. Includes Top Ten list of reasons to work in IR.

Technical Note 102.pdf

Minimum Radiance Observations Related to Temperature
Table and discussion of the minimum temperature at which objects can be observed based on their own temperature.

Technical Note 103.pdf

Battery Type Identification & Upgrade Path

With photos and illustrations this note helps to identify which battery system your unit currently has, and what is required to upgrade it if necessary.

Technical Note 104.pdf


Why Choose FIND-R-SCOPE®?

This note discusses specific reasons why FIND-R-SCOPE® is the better choice and the reasons FIND-R-SCOPE® is the top selling IR/UV viewer in the world.

Technical Note 105.pdf
Differences Between the 84499A & the 84499 FIND-R-SCOPE®
Discusses the differences between objective mount, eyepiece, and tube size, plus it explains the “C” mount capability of 84499.
Technical Note 106.pdf
Infrared in Art – Major Uses
View under-drawings. Detect artist changes in the drawing/style of work. See condition of painting beneath an obscuring layer of darkened varnish or over-glazing. Sometimes inscriptions are more legible.

Technical Note 107.pdf

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