FIND-R-SCOPE Infrared Video System Model 85201P (PAL)
FIND-R-SCOPE  Infrared Video System Model 85201P (PAL)
Field of View : 17°
Camera Sensitivity : Minimum. Illumination. 0.05 lux @ ƒ/1.2
Detector: ⅓ inch CCD Image Sensor
Spectral Sensitivity : 400-1250 nm
Lens: Standard “C” Mount 16mm, ƒ/1.4 with iris
Standard Focal Range : 20.5 cm, (8") to infinity
Regions Displayed: Visible, Near-IR
Peak Sensitivity : 550 nm
Resolution Horizontal: 420 TV Lines
Pixels H x V : 537 x 597
Safelight Filter : 850 nm longpass filter
Power: 9 Vdc (from A/C adapter)
Electronic Shutter: On: 1/1000,000 (Auto), Off: Normal
External Connection: PAL Video Output via BNC Connector

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The FIND-R-SCOPE 85201P Includes a Miniature IR Camera, 12" B/W monitor, IR Light Source,16 mm, f/1.4 Lens, 50-ft. Coax Cable and mounting bracket. System has a spectral sensitivity of 400-1250 nm.

  • Lightweight Miniature Sensor
  • BNC, PAL Video Output
  • Simple to Operate
  • High-Resolution
  • Includes Safelight IR Source
  • Includes (12") B/W Monitor
  • Includes 9-Vdc Pwr. Supply
  • Includes16 mm C-mount lens
  • Accepts Optional Filters
  • Accepts Optional Lenses
  • Includes Built-In Iris
  • Includes Wall-Mount Bracket
  • Includes 15-m (50-ft) Coax
  • 18-Month Limited Warranty
Price: $1,975.00


The FIND-R-SCOPE 85201P Infrared Video System is a complete system. It implements a small, high resolution, solid state closed circuit PAL format camera that operates in the visible to near infrared range of the spectrum. In combination with the infrared filtered light source, the system provides a clear view of objects or images which can not otherwise be seen by the naked eye.

The FIND-R-SCOPE Infrared Video System is tested to view light from a 402 micro-watt, 1.3 micron LED at 1-ft. It consumes less than 250 mA of input power, requires a minimum illumination of 0.05 lux at f/1.2, and exibits the versatility of being mounted or hand-held. The system requires 230 Volt AC power.

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