85615 - Speckle Buster
85615 - Speckle Buster

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85615 - Use the FJW Speckle Buster to reduce the speckle phenomenon.

Price: $150.00


The 85615 Speckle Buster helps you to see the true nature of your laser beam.

Click on image above to see image of laser with and without the Speckle Buster

Coherent sources such as laser beams, exhibit a phenomenon known as speckle. Speckle manifests itself as a coarse granularity in a beam intensity pattern. For beam profiling , or for laser mode determination, speckle masks the true nature of the beam intensity profile. By the use of the Speckle Buster the true beam intensity profile is revealed.

Also when two laser beams are allowed to interact, as in an interferometer, (a metrology instrument utilizing the wavelength of light as a length standard) the resulting pattern, called an interferogram, also suffers from speckle. A laser interferogram may be totally unreadable in the presence of speckle. With the use of Speckle Buster the true profile of such interference pattern is produced.

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